Ivan Jimenez

Ivan Jimenez



Ivan Jimenez is the Managing Director at Bizkaia talent, a leading model regarding mobility, career development and professional and personal support of talent. This internationally-oriented organization has close relationship with the Basque Network of Science and Technology. Mr Jimenez is committed to include Bilbao and in general the Basque Country into the international circuit of talent mobility. He promotes collaboration and partnerships to achieve superior performance and efficiency aligned with corporate growth and profitability objectives. As a result, Bizkaia talent created the Be Basque Talent Network, the largest network of highly qualified professionals that are or want to be connected to the Basque Country. At the moment there are 11.000 people living in almost 100 Countries, and also more than 330 Basque Organizations. In that sense Bizkaia Talent organizes meetings and conference around the world to get professional for these Network (Be Basque Talent Meetings&Conferences). The Basque Talent Map is a good tool to engage those professionals and Companies and connect among each other.

Bizkaia Talent created also the first Dual Career Centre in the Spanish State, the Be Basque Dual Career Centre, with a lot of successful cases helped by the network of companies created around it.

About the data analysis, Bizkaia Talent created also the Basque Talent Observatory, an innovative platform of big data analysis of different mainly online job platforms, that analyse the trends of the Basque Job market for professionals with an university degree, in the last year more than 20.000 job vacancies, so we can get an idea about what is requested by the Companies, when it comes to sectors, profiles, soft and hard skills, territorial division and so on. All the services are available at the Bizkaia Talent app, so all the interaction is easier for all the users (both Companies/organizations, professionals, and the Bizkaia Talent Team). Recently they launched the Be Basque Career Development Centre, an unique digital tool to help professionals to improve their careers according to the needs of Basque Companies when it comes to soft and hard skills, salaries and a comparison of different indicators of standard of life for laboral and not laboral questions among the Basque Country and other Countries and Regions.

Previously, he was a manager in MAPFRE, SAS, Spain’s #1 insurance company, dealing with new business development, policy renewals and claims management for a multimillion-Euro portfolio of medium to large-sized companies. Mr. Jimenez counts with entrepreneurial expertise, having cofounded Suministros Textiles Etxetik, SL. He holds a Law degree (specialization in economics), an MBA in Business Administration from Deusto University and he trained ​​in organizational and regional competitiveness transformation through the MOC course of Harvard Business School & Orkestra.

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«Bizkaia Talent, uso de herramientas innovadoras de Gestión de datos en tiempo real, Mercado de trabajo y competencias.» con Ivan Jimenez